1106 University Ave. • Dubuque, Iowa • 563-542-6817

Welcome to Sugar Rays

Already a Dubuque legend, Sugar Ray's BBQ is annually awarded the distinction of serving up the best barbeque in the Tri-States. With his great variety of authentic barbeque favorites, Ray is in a league of his own when it comes to pleasing the palette. The secret lies in a lifelong love and dedication to the art of cooking.

Raymond Sanders learned the art of cooking as a boy at his grandmother's side in Chicago. Each weekend he would visit and watch as she prepared fried chicken, pork chops and gravy, pot roasts, and a smorgasbord of side dishes. He soon began helping his grandmother in the kitchen and there began his love of cooking. In college, he cooked huge Sunday dinners for himself and friends which everyone always commented on and loved.

Ray started offering his barbeque at local festivals and fairs. And he couldn't make the stuff fast enough. People loved it. He soon began doing a lot of catering jobs.

In 1997 he sold his barbeque a few nights a week in the bar at the Dubuque Sports Complex. Later he moved to a small building on 12th street at the edge of the Farmer's Market and Sugar Ray's Barbeque was in business.
In 2000, Sugar Ray's opened as a dine-in and carry out restaurant at 951 Main Street in Dubuque, Iowa. In 2004, Sugar Ray's moved to 1106 University, in the heart of the college food and entertainment district.
He now exclusively offers catering for both individual and business gatherings/parties, as well as participates in local festivals.
Rib Tips. The best part of the rib
... and a lot of it!
Ray is famous for his secret sauce, but to experience his ribs without sauce might make him famous all over again.

Two handed barbeque sandwiches that you have to eat with a fork. Ray's pulled pork sandwiches are a Dubuque festival tradition!

What does Sugar Ray's wife think is so special about him?

"Ray is a very talented cook because he's not afraid to experiment with different recipes and dishes. You can ask him to prepare anything from homemade pizza, to lasagna and salsa, and he can do it all well. He has the unique ability to know when something is missing or what seasoning is needed to complete a dish and make it something wonderful and delicious."

Ray's potato salad, slaw, and baked beans are much more than just a side dish!